What's Bakin?

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1.) Cake By The Pound- Handpicked strawberries on top of fresh cream layered over buttery vanilla cake. Sinfully sweet, this shortcake scent is sure to please. (W)

2.) CUM-Fetti-Sweet and buttery with a creamy finish sure to get your icing licked off. (W)

3.) Half Baked- Fresh from the oven yellow cake topped off with silky vanilla frosting. Got cake? (W)

4.) Better Than Sex-The perfect brownie bite, satin smooth chocolate, crispy edge, creamy molten center. Why have a snack when you can be a snack? (W)

5.) Bite Down-Classic vanilla that is BOLD, tempting, delicious, thick, and rich. Like we like our men. (W)

6.) Muffin Top-Bursting with luscious berry, and creamed butter. Everybody knows the top is the best part. (W)