The Provider

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1.) Issa Husband- A tantalizing blend of cedarwood and oak, with a cozy top note of fresh lavender and geranium. (M)

2.) Classic Man- Inspired By Dolce and Gabbana- Refreshing amber meets a sexy portion of lavender and spice. A fragrance with a refined blend of lemon, sage, cedar, and tobacco. A true classic. (M)

3.) Mr. Magnificent- For the man who wants to smell rich. Tobacco, honey, citrus, and spice meets to make a statement that is BOLD, exotic and bossy. (M)

4.) Break The Bank- Inspired By Tom Ford-A sensual unisex fragrance anchored by dark orchids and rich spice. For the wearer who is both modern, bold, and classically subtle.

5.) Bread Winner- Inspired by One Million- The perfect finishing touch to your day experience. Lush, sun-drenched notes of orange and grapefruit topped with spicy cinnamon. (M)