So Fresh and So Clean

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1.) Make It Rain- Subtle, sweet, and crisp. This multidimensional scent provides a clean balance like the cool earth and natures showers. (U)

2.) Fresh To Death-Clean and classic. This soft and subtle baby powder scent will leave you feeling soft as a baby's fresh bottom. (U)

3.) Let's Chill- Inspired By Snuggle Laundry Detergent- Get the perks of laundry day without the work. Indulge in this inviting scent of clean laundry and fresh floral notes. No folding required. (U)

4.) Between The Sheets-Downey Laundry Detergent- Reminiscent of your favorite laundry detergent. This airy fresh fragrance promotes relaxation and stress relief. (U)

5.) Unscented- All of the health benefits, no fragrance included. (U)