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1.) Apollo- Inspired by Creed- Ginger, mandarin, Indian sandalwood, and birch meld to create an experience entirely of its own, defining moments of individuality and one's journey to own it. (M)

2.) Code Blue- This multidimensional scent features top notes cucumber, and mandarin orange, that evolve to reveal masculine sage and musk. (M)

3.) Savage- Inspired by Dior Sauvage- Melding extreme freshness of Calabrian bergamot with warm elemental Amberwood tones celebrates the magic of wide-open spaces and taking advantage of them. (M)

4.) Noire Knight- Inspired By Kenneth Cole- This bossy dry spicy aroma pairs freshwater mint with soft mandarin and ginger undertones. (M)

5.) Somebody Son- This soft romantic aroma is a true Egyptian musk, woodsy, earthy, pleasant, sharp and fragrant.