Mr. Panty Dropper

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1.) Big Dick Energy- Inspired By Armani-A refreshing and clean savory bite that captures the designer freshness and warmth reminiscent of the Mediterranean Sea. (M)

2.) After Hours- A blend of amber, blue sage, and patchouli. This scent is rich, deep, and earthy. (M)

3.) She Choosing- Inspired By Jimmy Choo-Fresh and sweet full of fruity and woodsy notes, this one is sure to turn heads. (M)

4.) Take That- Inspired Unforgivable by Sean John- The ultimate expression of masculine, confidence and passion. Crisp citrus layered on top of a blend of herbs. This scent is chill, sensual and sexy. (M)

5.) Zamnnn Zaddy- Inspired By Christian Dior- This fragrance is inspired by acres of wilderness beneath a clear night sky. Mandarin melds with bergamot, nutmeg and vanilla. It will keep them coming back. (M)