I'm An 80's Baby

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1.) Saturday Morning-Inspired by Fruit Loops-This scent will bring out the inner child in you as you follow your nose. This nostalgic scent blends tart lemon/lime, sweet vanilla bean and tangy cherry with sandalwood. (W)

2.) Push Pop- A mouth-watering combination of fresh orange, vanilla bean, and a subtle bergamot musk. Brings back memories of a classic treat on a wooden stick. (W)

3.) It's Poppin-Cater to the kid in you with this bubblegum scent. The aroma of this sweet, juicy, subtly fruity childhood favorite will make you want to get a piece and blow. (W)

4.) Razzle Dazzle- Enjoy being bae personal treat smelling sweet as candy. A blend of sugared raspberries and mellow natural vanilla. (W)

5.) Sweet and Sticky- Satisfy your sweet tooth with this fresh sugary cotton candy scent. Notes of strawberry and vanilla transform you into the ultimate sugar confection. (W)