I Am That Chick

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1.) Ms. Showstopper- Inspired by Dolce and Gabbana-Be international, visualize, implement. Notes include freesia, mandarin orange, jasmine, a dash of coriander, and sandalwood. Consuming fragrance that's sure to be a "SHOWSTOPPER" for any occasion. (W)

2.) I'm Bossy- I'm Bossy- Inspired by Burberry My Burberry- A fragrance for the bold, ambitious achiever. A fresh crisp woman’s fragrance made from fresh apples, bergamot, cedarwood, jasmine and sandalwood. (W)

3.) Rich Chick- Inspired by Coco Chanel- Call all the shots with this classically bodied fragrance. It is powdery and full-bodied thanks to hints of aldehydes, neroli, bourbon vanilla, and sandalwood. (W)

4.) Diamond Princess-Inspired by Tiffany & Co- Outshine your haters with a glittering lightweight scent inspired by optimism, strength, and joy, filled with mandarin orange, iris, peach, and patchouli. (W) 

5.) Purrr- Inspired by Pink Print by Nicki Minaj- Channel your inner bubbly rap diva with this offering of citrus, passion fruit, rose blossom, coconut, and sandalwood to help you dominate in any arena. (W)

6.) Rule Breaker- Inspired By YSL-Lavender and orange blossom meld with an audaciously bold note of musk. For the boss chick who makes her own way and refuses to take no for an answer. (U)