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1.) Cum-Fetti-Sweet and buttery with a creamy finish sure to get your icing licked off. (W)

2.) Spit or Swallow- Take a bite out of the ultimate summer refresher. This watermelon scent is aquatic, sheer, fresh and fruity with subtle notes of strawberry, and pineapple. (W) 

3.) Candy LickHer-Sugary, sweet, and savory. A blend of apples, berries, and melon to make you a treat worth craving. (W)

4.) Sweet and Sticky-Satisfy your sweet tooth with this fresh sugary cotton candy scent. Notes of strawberry and vanilla transform you into the ultimate spun sugar confection. (W)

5.) Better Than Sex- The perfect brownie bite, satin smooth chocolate, crispy edge, creamy molten center. Why have a snack when you can be a snack? (W)

6.) Between The Sheets- Downey Laundry Detergent- Reminiscent of your favorite laundry detergent. This airy fresh fragrance promotes relaxation and stress relief. (U)